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When you first decide to upgrade your entertainment habits, you think about the components of the system: wide screen television, amplifier and tuner, speakers, and the resulting design problems. Before all of this, however, you should consider how you intend to house and display all these components. The variety of home theater entertainment centers is staggering. Both functional and decorative, they can be used in a modular manner, either expanding or contracting for various purposes. Media centers are flexible in design because of the proliferation of home media formats. The screens have increased in size to the point where the thin ones can be mounted directly on the wall or they have to be supported by some rugged furniture. There are DVD players, redundant CD players, TIVOs, iPod docks, 6-8 speakers per system, pre-amplifiers, and so on. They all have to be put somewhere and furniture makers have risen admirably to the occasion.


A primary force in the home entertainment center production since 1994, Dynamic Sound Systems sells most of its products online. They have a ready supply of products including home entertainment centers suited for LCD monitors, plasma screens, and most important, speaker support systems for ceiling mounts, recessed and bas relief, wall mounts, in wall installations, free-standing speaker stands, and brackets for speaker installation. The variety of configurations is impressive. Home entertainment center owners have demanded a selection of looks from furniture makers because they must fit into any of the home styles people have put together.

Dynamic Sound Systems' catalogue features the fast-selling Sanus Systems Natural System Three Piece Home Entertainment Stand. Cramer Studios has designed a beautiful piece of furniture that has simple, elegant lines but is functional as well. A great marriage of form and function, the Natural System Three Piece Home Entertainment Stand offers two audio stands and the space for a wide screen monitor, all in the primary module. With two shelves below for media components, this part of the stand draws your eye because of its beauty and its role as the focus of your viewing enjoyment. The remaining modules have multiple shelving, designed to house various arrays of electronic components. Consumers have voted and this home theater entertainment center is the winner.

Dynamic Sound Systems also lists the OmniMount Cosmic Entertainment Center as its next most popular seller. This is also a three-piece unit but in contrast to the above system, boasts a contemporary look with glass shelving and decorative mesh screening. This piece comes disassembled but is relatively easy to put together.

Dynamic Sound Systems has the answers to any of your home theater entertainment questions. They supply the best media centers, suitable for nearly any circumstance. Refer to their web site for the full catalogue.


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